Miniature horses will make you fall in love with them

Horses are majestic creatures: their beautiful figure has always been a symbol of elegance, strength and freedom. The have been at our side throughout history: they were once the most important mean of transport until the invention of the car; they were also an important help for farmers in the fields of Europe until the 20th century. Probably you and your escorts are used to ride these elegant animals once in a while, or you may even own a few of your own.

Friendly and extrovert, you can’t help falling in love with the tiny creatures

So everybody knows what horses are. But have you ever heard of miniature horses? We are not talking about toys or cartoon characters. Picture this with your lady from the Escort Directory: one of these beautiful and majestic stallions, but just, well, pocket-sized. We are talking about fully-grown horses that aren’t just the regular size, but they will still make a beautiful companion for you.

You and your Amsterdam escort from¬†are probably thinking about ponies, but it’s not what we are talking about: usually, various smaller breed of horses are indicated with the general term pony. To be considered a miniature horse, the animal has to measure less than 34 inches in height: even if some may, most ponies don’t meet this simple requirement. To check if your pet friend can be considered a miniature one, you will have to measure the distance from the last hair of the mane to the ground.

They are very friendly animal companions. They adapt well to the human presence, as you and your Amsterdam escorts will find out: they really love being groomed and cuddled! But even if they are undersized, they will always keep their equine nature and won’t adapt to living indoors. Therefore they have to be treated like regular horses: they will need enough space and exercise outdoors to stay healthy and fit.

Everything you need to know about miniature horses

Thanks to their quiet behaviour, they are easily trainable: they are used in many horse show events, like agility contests, obstacles and trail classes, and showmanship competitions. If you have enough time to dedicate to it, this little companion will reward you with great results: you will definitely impress your escort with you small friend and the many tricks you can teach it.

A fun fact about miniature horses you can share with your Amsterdam escort: it may sound surprising, but they are more and more used as service animals. Many people look for alternatives to dogs as service animals: some may suffer from allergy to their hair; others, like for example Muslims, don’t like to use dogs for cultural reasons, since they find it a dirty animal. This specific equine specie can easily substitute dogs for people with disabilities, being very intelligent creatures as well. Of course, a miniature horse may not be as practical as a dog: it’s not used to being indoors for long times. For this reason, there are still controversies over their use as assistance animals.